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Year Three (Harry Potter and the Death Eater Menace) starts on 9/1/16. A collection of short stories, united only by a LOOPY creative drive that makes for a unique, insightful, and often humorous experience. Neville and Draco help him face the monsters in his mind and the new evils stalking the world. Harry Potter is dead and Shadow Snape lives in his place, or, well, dreams in his place. Can his adopted father, Severus Snape, and boyfriend, Draco Black, an ex-Malfoy, help? year has arrived and that suddenly seems to be the least of Orion's worries. WARNING: now with 19.96% more Death Eaters and a Rodent of Death. Suddenly, Tony is having to deal with a hysterical British kid, Harry is trying to track down his son, and Loki is plotting to steal the Tesseract. Voldemort was back, and Sirius Black had a few more secrets left...

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What he finds changes any preconceived notions he might have had about the Boy-Who-Lived. Petunia decides to do what she should have been doing all along. But when a Hunter finds the young Yautja, he doesn't approve. A glimpse of the future at the end of Flying with Tattered Wings. Consequently, she was not prepared to find Harry Potter at 221B Baker Street.Well, besides Goku, their son from the future, and Piccolo, of course. Toby's field trip isn't going to be any fun if he doesn't have a chaperone, and Sarah absolutely can't be there. Kirsty Cotton's life has been consumed by the cenobytes and their hell. But introducing a long extinct variable into an adapted environment has unexpected, and deeply rooted, consequences. Harry is beginning to suspect that he might not be up to this Master of Death business and everything that goes along with it. *Truten, Yaoi*Because she didn't wake up new the next morning and stop resenting her family and the world's unfairness, and she didn't just let it end after thirteen hours with the Labyrinth or its King―and they found that worked for them. Minister Fudge is reluctant to comply, but then again he never really had a choice in the first place. Clever Miss Hermione Granger believes that by marrying Azkaban prisoner 11652 she can effectively skirt the new Ministry Marriage Law requirements. In exchange for what she desires most, she must act as translator in an effort to reverse an ancient curse, and free her master. M yes, I changed it at last for violence and sexuality. But the letter never came; Harry Potter was a Squib. What if the humans started wondering about the names their Cybertronian friends chose for themselves? G, deep secrets unfold Unohana, 4th division captain, and a kind healer.Enter the Williams' siblings Knight or King in Shining or glittery Armor. It was a normal dismal 16th birthday for Harry in the park near Privet drive. With nothing else to look forward to but enslavement in the Labyrinth, undone by her own addiction to their puzzles, what is her true desire? Raditz OCFriendships seem to last forever among people who have been together for a while. Jareth is bored out of his mind at one of his infamous masked balls, only to be surprised by and unexpected, anonymous gift. DH cannon compliant, but probably not the way you think. What does Cupid do to Castiel in My Bloody Valentine? After a small accident, Dean finds himself being able to see Castiel's wings. Harry found out he's Snape's son in his fourth year, and concealed the truth from Snape. It's hard to be a crazy ex-cop on the run, obsessed with bringing the virus that ruined your life to justice. A story about morality, mortality, and pickled walnuts. ***READ & REVIEW - LET ME KNOW SO I CAN MAKE MORE***It's not like we could drive across country and find Enid Blyton having tea with Noddy." Ah, if only Donna had known... Ax S, Alternate Universe Set after Season 7 ended and before 8 started. Dismissed by the wizards, he makes a quiet life for himself and will not stand for them to ruin it. Zaraki, 11th division captain, and complete psychopath. I'm pretty much /d/sensitized to anything shocking, like reading adult fan fiction, happy, sarcastic, not serious about Anima, Akira, Alice 19th, Appare Jipangu! Bart's hospital, John Watson gets the call that his cousin Phil Coulson was killed in an alien attack on Manhattan. I can be calm but any Mountain Dew and I turn into something hilarious to look at, what with the way I turn into a giggling chipmunk. A year after Sherlock Holmes took the plunge off of St.

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