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He was instrumental in changing Louisville's school system administration from trustees to a Board of Education members.

Later renamed Southern Leadership Academy to reflect revised class organization of single-sex classes.Was one of the founders of the Louisville Urban League, which he chaired for 29 years.He also served on the state Board of Education 1948–1956. Jesse Stuart, distinguished Kentucky poet and novelist (The school was previously Stuart High School (1972). "Our mission is to give every child, every opportunity everyday to be successful." "High expectations create unlimited possibilities."J. Atherton High School for Girls (at a different location) was named after John Mc Dougal Atherton, a local businessman and politician.This fire plus the opening of Eastern High School in 1950 caused the high school to be closed.The original building (located on same lot as present-day Tully Elementary) was used as an elementary school until it was demolished in 1975.

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