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OPR: MD-Hardlines (POC: Hilda Rivera-Franceschi) Reference: Chapter 29, paragraph 29-2 (Reviewed/Updated: March 2016) Note: This is obviously a very sensitive subject. Each service has further adopted criteria within their regulations dealing with publications (AR 600-20 and AFI 51-903). Customs to monitor imports, maintaining trade balances between the two countries.

As stated below, the Exchange does not have the right to remove these publications unless judged to be obscene by a state or federal court. The Department of Commerce is mandated to maintain quotas on goods procured from China. OPR: GC (POC: Barry Huggins) Reference: No EOP reference (Reviewed/Updated: January 2013) Although we truly understand your sensitivity toward products from (name of country), the Exchange cannot arbitrarily remove product(s) if sales do not dictate it, unless the United States puts an embargo or trade control on the product(s).

We are concerned that we have not been meeting your clothing needs.

Sometimes certain styles and sizes become less available at the end of a season.

While it is not in the Exchange's purview to censor merchandise carried in its stores, the Exchange also must comply with all Department of Defense regulations. Nevertheless, there are still some mainstream, non-sexually explicit publications which may occasionally feature cover imagery that some shoppers find risqué or inappropriate.

To address this, Exchange policy states that magazine covers deemed potentially offensive may be covered by a panel to cover everything but the title of a magazine until that issue is sold out.

Our clothing assortments vary from exchange to exchange and are based on customer demand and available space.

If you have a specific brand or style of clothing you would like to see available in your Exchange, please contact your local management team.

They will be glad to pass along your suggestions to the merchandise buyer.

The Exchange establishes the stock assortment based on customer demand.

While the military mission is unique, its members represent a cross section of society and they generally parallel those of their civilian counterparts of similar age, educational level, cultural background, etc.

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