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The elusive quality of this Mutable Sign, Pisces can certainly give that impression when issues of confrontation are at hand.Many Pisces would prefer to evade head-on collisions and leave the head butting for their Aries kinfolk.The glyph often used for Pisces is the two fish tied together but swimming in opposite directions. Does the Pisces soul descend into flesh or ascend into spirit?Perhaps the Christian ethos of ‘being in the world, but not of the world’ attempts to integrate this paradox.

Start describing the ocean and you’re getting closer to describing Pisces.It is then that they can truly shine and feel good about themselves. She was hot stuff when I was young and considered one of the most beautiful actresses to light up the silver screen. Aphrodite, in her love for her child, binds him to her with a cord and then magically turns them into fishes so that they can escape below the surface of the water to elude this demonic force wrecking havoc amongst the gods on the surface of the earth.She certainly did characterize the oceanic in all the variety of roles she played as an actress, the endless personal dramas she got swept away with, and the countless times she struggled with her own tidal forces of loss, suffering, and amazing rebounds. Of course, Zeus, one of the ancient rulers of Pisces, ends up both rescuing them from their watery deep darkness, and rewarding them, which is what he loves doing best, by sweeping them up into the starry sky as the constellation of Pisces.They, also, often prefer to be in the background rather than center-stage like more fiery types.But never underestimate the power of a Pisces, for like the element of Water, Pisces can gather a formidable force of watery emotional strength, when necessary, and move through, over, or under any obstacle.

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