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The snow is melting and summer is on its wayl I will not be on here much longer than Spring because I will be playing outdoors. Everything has gone according to plan and I love it up here.

My handshake is my my word and my heart my love for you. My children are my life and I absolutely love being a mother. I come from a big strict Italian family, but believe whole heartedly in confession ;) I am a single parent (obviously), I moved up to Juneau from San Diego in April 2011 to start fresh in life.I would preferably like someone with children, I find it easier for them to understand what it's like to be a parent and to put their children first. I like to be straight forward and would expect the same in return. I do enjoy my kid free nights, which at this time isn't very often.I want to travel, maybe later when my children are older but I want to travel. I have fun at the bars, drinking at a friends house and just hanging out with good people. yes even rap (I tend to like it when I'm on my treadmil).Note: For the best experience with the electronic form, use Chrome as your browser.Supervisors: Submit Performance Evaluations to HR by March 31.

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